Retribution Rails by Erin Bowman


When Reece Murphy is forcibly dragged into the Rose Riders gang because of a mysterious gold coin in his possession, he vows to find the man who gave him the piece and turn him over to the gang in exchange for freedom. Never does he expect a lead to come from an aspiring female journalist. But when Reece’s path crosses with Charlotte Vaughn after a botched train robbery and she mentions a promising rumor about a gunslinger from Prescott, it becomes apparent that she will be his ticket to freedom—or a noose. As the two manipulate each other for their own ends, past secrets are unearthed, reviving a decade-old quest for revenge that may be impossible to settle.

Review: This book was so amazing! First off, I love the setting of the Arizona Territory during the Wild West days. While I was sad it didn’t take place around the Phoenix area where I grew up, it did give me a taste of Prescott (which I’ve never been). Charlotte and Reece were great narrators. Charlotte bugged me at first (she seemed holier than thou), but she grew on me. Reece I loved from the very beginning and just wanted to give him huge hugs. One thing I really loved? A woman ran newspaper down in Yuma! I know that likely didn’t happen in real life, but the idea of it in the west made me so happy! I also loved seeing some old friends from Vengeance Road. This series is a series I will read and reread for a long time!

I received this ARC as part of Miss Print’s ARC Adoption Program.

Rating: 5 star



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